Attention Cal Sisto and the News Channel 6 Team

God bless you all for what you did on Tuesday Night, May 06, 2003 .  I was on the phone with my mother for five hours as the tornadoes hit Massac County . 

I watched it on radar…and knew that this was a serious situation with a destruction tornado potential.  The hook echo on that storm was incredible.

This is the worst tornado to ever hit Massac County .  It will take a long time to recover from what has happened.  I am thankful though that the community has a television station like WPSD TV 6 to bring people the latest information.

I have a sister in Graves County , Kentucky where one tornado hit.  I have a sister in McCracken County …where a tornado touched down…and the rest of my family is in Massac County …which had several tornadoes.  Some of my extended family, however, lost their homes. However, God watched over all of them through this storm.  They are all safe and without injury. 

My praise goes out to Cal Sisto…the Weather Team…and the News Channel 6 News Team.  Your ability to maintain control under pressure was amazing.  My mother left the phone on the chair by the television as they took shelter in the bathroom.  I was able to hear Cal bring the tornado warnings as they poured in.  I could tell in his voice that he knew what was going on and his concern for the people being affected.  I could hear the tornado sirens in the background at both my mothers…and on the television station in your own backyard.  I know it was scary and intense for those on the air.  But you all were steadfast  and did what had to be done.  You got the information out to the public.

My family thanks you…and I thank you for a job well done.  Your efforts saved lives on Tuesday Night. 

God Bless You All.